The Farm

iPad application


Recently, since people's income level is raised, the number of people who run weekend farm and return to farm tend to be increased. Thus, 3 colleagues and I made an iPad application for the people and parents who want to encourage their children to experience nature study.

Design Research

Firstly, we visited weekend farms directly and met a few farmers. Through interviews with them, what we realized that is Basically, our target is to want to farm in person but there are some difficulties because they live in city. Thus, we decided to make an application to connect and solve the problems between a real owner of farm and a weekend farmer.

Through lots of group discussion and card sorting, we arranged our ideas and then we tried to develop usability of our product by making diagram, wireframe and user-scenario.

Design solution

Basically The Farm has three key features. Firstly, checking notice from owner of farm and general information of the farm the user use. Secondly, sending messages between owner of farm and weekend farmer. thirdly, providing useful information for farming and lastly, planning schedule.

If you would like to see more information about this project, please check out the bottom link.

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