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Financial times (FT), one of the biggest and influential economic newspapers in worldwide, had been put their effort to diversify its news platform to smartphone application. During my master's course, I had an external class to precede this project with FT, and my colleagues and I had suggested a new service by using technology and diverse contents of FT.


To achieve our objective, my team had analysed and segmented the target market of FT. And then we set target audiences as 'Business traveller'. After that, our team had conducted a primary research by surveying and interviewing a sample group at King's cross station.

Design Output

According to it, our team decided to develop a curating service application that our target audiences can assist to make their best of spare time with news article of FT. One of the key feature, which was suggested and applied on this application, is that algorithm of the application, which is based on 'Simentic search'. finds out the most appropriate news articles of FT according to the amount of their spare time, which was input from the start.

In terms of app logo of this FT application was designed based on objects that represents business people, a paper airplane that describe the idea of 'fast movement' of Business Travellers and 'The Shard', which is one of the representative building represents business people. Overall our team and I complied with colour tone of the original theme of colour of FT.

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