Geunae World

Moving poster
Visual protesting

One of the representative personalities of Korean president 'Geunhye Park' is 'princess'. Since she was young, she has lived as a daughter of a former Korean president 'Junghee Park' who was a dictator, It might be natural that she doesn't have understanding about how ordinary people live more

And the other significant elements in this project are virtual reality and avatar. I would like to show the reality of Korean government I want to criticize in the 'Geunae World'. The virtual reality in the work which doesn't exist but very similar as reality has resembled the situation of the present of Korean president and the government.

In order to satirize her, I decided to make an autobiographical media of the Korean president through the avatar. The reason is because I would like her to tell her own story in my work, which she has never done in reality. Like Franch talk show 'Guignols de l'info'. The avatar is much more funny, ridiculous and frank. By doing so, I would like to deal with controversial issues that media haven't do.

In this poster, various objects and the mood support to represent her personality as princess. And the catchphrase in the top and bottom which is 'Come to me Chinbak and Jinbak, and I will give you rest.' Which is the title of this work is from bible 'Matthew 11:28'.read more

Chinbak and Jinback are politicians of Geunhye Park's followers who flatter her to gain power. The relationship between the Korean president and Chinbak and Jinbak made me think about the relationship between absolute being and people who pray. So I used the sentence as a reference. Additionally, in the left and right side, there is a word 'Amolang' which means 'Ah. I do not know, not want to know' and the backgroundimage is a painting of Easturn paradise.

And the most significant reference is a poster of the movie 'Sympathy For Lady Vengeance (Chanwook Park. 2005).' In the movie, the main female character 'Geumja Lee' is always very kind. Many people folloew her but she is planning a cold-blooded revenge. I think the Geunhye Park also has twofold characteristic as the movie character. So, I utilized a poster of the movie as a homage.

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