'one' is a book which is made by gathering and making various circle images. The pronunciation of Korean word 'Won' is similar with 'one'. In Korean, one means a circle but in English it means single. Usually, a circle is used as symbol of unity and harmony. So, this book examine what meaning of circle is how the meaning is linked with our life in depth.

This book shows collected a variety of circle images to explore features of circle shapes that exist in our life and itrepresents that there are lots of circles have diverse characteristics everywehere around us. Also, people are asked what definition of circle is and the answered such as 'circle is the beginning.'

And then this book talks about social conflict through diverse circle images which represents 'one' in a stream of consciousness. For example, shape of lens of telescope is circle and moon seen by the telescope is circle. Then, the solor system of niverse that moon exist moves in a circle way. but the universe represent our world is threatened by circle of tank.

However, what this book want to say ultimately is we are all born from circle(mother's body) and when we are young we all have round face. but as time goes by, we have different personalitis and it makes differences and conflicts. But, we are all from same one and we are one.

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