Qook TV

UI/UX, GUI Redesign


Qook TV is Korean big company KT's IPTV service. IPTV service is a combination between tv and internet. People can watch not only live tv program but also a variety of VOD services through the Internet. Using this service, people can get access most of video contents. At that time, the number of user of QookTV were ranked second among entire IPTV services. Thus, two colleagues and I made a decision to redesign this service to make it first rank.

Design Research

We researched this service in a various way. We used 5 researching methodology. First of all, we focused on what users feel uncomfortable when they use this service to find improvement points. We did observing interview, and direct interview.

After researching precess, we made Qook TV UI-MAP to reconstruct a huge amount of the contents of Qook TV, In this stage the most discussion were held. And also, we made wireframes and prototypes to make the product clear and develop the usability.

Design Solution

We used brand color of QookTV 'red' as a point color. And the most significant change was replacing text into visual image because people recognize image more easily than text. moreover, we used wider screen and made background darker for making sophisticated mood.

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