Motion Graphic


Rameny is an automatic ramen restaurant. People can order their ramen through a self-order kiosk then they get it from a cooking machine without any people's help.

Key Issues

In this project, there were two issues. Firstly, since all the system of this restaurant is automatic which means there is no people in the restaurant at all, people might feel awkward about the environment and the atmosphere. Thus, it was very important point that giving a feeling that people are in the journey of cooking with machines together. Secondly, actual process of cooking ramen by machine is very simple. So, visualizing the process with more interesting performance was another key point.


I utilized a concept of factory because factory has a variety of interesting elements that can reduce the boredom of waiting. And also n order to make the journey more user-friendly and, I designed a cute concept of the illustration, and especially I used a character of Rameny actively. In the motion graphic, the visual characters give the feeling that as if the characters is cooking. By doing so, the customer can get and eat tasty noodle with fun experience.

@ 2018 Pyungguk Choi Design