Sintered Metal Technology Wing

Coperate Identity Design

SMT wing is a professional company manufacturing components of an automobile. SMT is the acronym for 'sintered metal technology'. The engine of automobile is like human's heart. In addition, the accidents by fault of automobile parts can cause a fatal result which can be linked with human's life directly. Thus, SMT prioritizes safety above everything else. The most important objective for SMT is trust and satisfaction of customers, which is based on safety and high quality. In addition, a familiar and warm work environment is also valuable for them.

When I design the symbol logo, I considered this logo is for a company makes car engine, trust and professionalism the most. Thus, in terms of color, I used green and blue which can give trust and I used cogwheel can express a part of automobile as an object

I wanted to express that SMT will become a heart of industry of automobile parts. The engine of automobile is also like heart of human. That is why I used this image for graphic motive of symbol. Since most automobile parts are cogwheels, I utilized a cogwheel image. Lastly, I used letter 'S' of the word 'sintered'

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