The day,
what happened to us



13th November 2014, there was a huge terror attack in Paris, which is 129 people were died and 352 people are injured. But the moment, what were we doing during the incident?

Design Background

Most people use social media to connect with people and the world. We share our daily life on social media and by doing so, our personal lives and societies are interconnected closely by our word, behavior and every trails we leave in online. Consequentially, under the effect of social media, we have an influence on each other intentionally or unintentionally.

This project is related to a book 'regarding the pain of others'. The book explore how people react sensational and cruel images such as being taken during war and also how the original meaning of images is distorted by media. There is an another reference for this project which is '4'33"' composed by John Cage.

In this performance, Audiences look at the orchestra. However, the orchestra play nothing. There are only tiny noises in the performance hall such as cough sound. This is format of the performance. However, the reason why this performance has meaning is because even though there is no typical performance there, the orchestra and the audiences interact each other in silence and they make it together. By which the orchestra and the audiences participate in the performance with making sounds together intentionally or unintentionally, at last, it is completed. In this performance, both orchestra and audience are a main character.

Design Output

I put both serious incident using Guardien's news article and ordinary people's life using Instagram posts in a same webpage. And each sounds in the page are combined and then make new sounds by interacting each other. Also, different style of two texts makes contrast. All interaction is like an orchestra.

what I wanted to say through my work is that when we live our daily life, someone might suffer from enormous problem such as war, terror and severe poverty and so on. They are all making a day together. We all are connected. In this point, I think we need to care about opposite side of world as well as our life.

Below is the scene that the audiences are viewing my work during the Work in progress show in Central Saint Martins.

@ 2018 Pyungguk Choi Design