Timewise Webesite

Web design


Timewise Investment is an investment company which is affiliate with CJ. They invest into a variety of area such as biotechnology, ICT, and culture. In orderd to convey their vision and value more effectively, they made a dicision to renewal their website


Its previous website did not describe the vision, direction, and the competitive image of Timewise company and had monotonous image and unnecessary information. Above all, the website format was not applicable to diverse devices.

Design Solution

First of all, what client required the most was simplicity. Thus, To express the image of simplicity, modern, and sophistication, wide layout of the website and typography had been proceeded. Firstly, sensuous and sophisticated images was put in the front pages of the website. Moreover, the information in the website had been removed or reassigned based on its importance. After this renewal process, the assess rate of this website had been increased to 30%.

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