Mobile Application


Today, many people do workout for their healthy life and I also like to workout too. But sometimes it is difficult for me to keep doing it regularly. So one day, I gathered people who want to lose weight together and then we shared what we ate and how much we exercised as often as possible everyday using a messenger app. At that time, I realized that workout together is much more powerful than just doing it alone because working out together motivates each other. So, this is the reason why I designed this workout mobile app focusing on communication.


I had interviews in a Gym and asked three questions of below. And then I got 3 main motivations for exercise and perceived a tendency that some people want to exercise with other people if there are the well-fitted and have the same goal.

Design Solution

Based on the research, I arranged features for tt and drew the wireframe. In this process, I focused on avoid unnecessary functions, reduce depth of touch and make a smooth connection between screens.

So, below is the final outcome.

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