Uniqlo Digital Flyer

Mobile Advertisement


Uniqlo had been received unsatisfactory internal feedbacks regarding the output of their online business although they put their effort on their website and social media management since June 2016. Therefore, Uniqlo requested the strategic management and alternatives regards this phenomenon that is why Uniqlo carried out a general reform of their social media marketing.

Uniqlo digital flyer is basically based on Kakaotalk massenger which is one of the most popular Korean mobile apps. If a customer follows Uniqlo's kakaotalk plus account, Uniqlo provides a number of information of their products through the digital flyer per week. Thus, my team and I made a vast amount of digital flyer every week.

Design Solution

First of all, my team rearranged disordered layouts and hierarchies of each unit to reduce interruptions during reading the flyers. Also, ornamental design was excluded as much as possible and simplicity was highlighted in the website design that makes products and various services can be more stand out. Due to these efforts, after design development, average 15% of revenue has been increased.

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